Racers! Start your engines!

We all had to start somewhere! Somebody or something piqued your interest in cars, racing and racing games. Was it your dad? Big brother? Uncle? Was it a car that caught your eye? Was it the rumble of it’s exhaust? Maybe the smell or burnt rubber when it peeled out?

For me, it was my dad. He came of age in the late 50’s and early 60’s when the car culture really started to take off. Rock and Roll was all about hot rods and drag racing. The custom car hobby became more than just a fad. American car manufacturers started to get heavily involved in drag racing, Indy cars and NASCAR. It was the birth of the slogan, “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday!” And he was knee deep in it.

Some of my earliest car memories are of my dad taking my brother and I to the now defunct Westborough Speedway in Westborough, MA and New England Dragway in Epping, New Hampshire. I don’t really remember the cars or the races but I became hooked on the smells and sounds of racing. The smell or raw unburnt gasoline! The smell of hot, burnt rubber rising off tires pressed to their limit! The chest thumping roar of open headers and wail of pistons pushed to the point of wanting to launch out of their engines and through the hood of the cars! Udder chaos and I loved it!

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